Thursday, July 18, 2013

mobile baby. messy house.

eleanor is completely mobile now.
she is not graceful. at all
but she can get where she wants to go.

that being said i don't know how do to anything anymore.
i don't know how to do a load of laundry or clean the kitchen.
when she couldn't crawl i could leave her playing and get those things done.
now i can't turn my back on her.
i feel super busy, but i'm not any more busy that i was. i just can't take my eyes off of my daughter.
or she will chew the dogs toy and not hers!

while she naps i shower and make myself look somewhat presentable for my husband but other that i just hang out with a baby, following her around, putting her back on the blanket or moving her away from the laptop cords, or dog toys or furniture.

its driving me crazy.

my dogs need baths but where will i put her while i do that.
i can't bathe 2 dogs while holding e.
my left arm has to be getting some serious muscle because it carries her around everywhere.
so one day, hopefully soon i will re-learn how to pick up my house and do a load of laundry and clean my kitchen while my husband is at work.
but for now i just get it all done once he's home.
sorry babe.

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