Wednesday, November 6, 2013

it's hard

being a mom is hard.

lately i've been struggling with this

when eleanor was first born, for the first few months, things were easy
maybe easy isn't the right word. they were i don't know..
newborns sleep so much
all they do is eat and sleep
when she was a few months old i showered every day
i put make up on every day
now i'm doing good to get a shower every 2 days.
it's harder now
she moves, and crawls, and stands, and is so much fun
but i have to watch her at all times so she doesn't eat something or
play with a cord
or fall and crack her head open
my house is a mess
i dont get things done
the days of leaving the house in 15 minutes are gone
it takes so much effort and work to get her ready, then myself
feed the dogs, let them out
load the diaper bag
make sure there is food and diapers and a bib and snacks
and everything you could ever need

its hard.
and thats ok
just because its hard doesn't mean we're doing it wrong.
just because its hard doesn't mean you're a bad mom
or a bad wife
maybe you're a good mom because it's hard
maybe it's hard because you're doing something right

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