Wednesday, May 15, 2013

i'm getting back in the game!

years and years ago (10 to be exact) i took senior pictures.
i had mine taken that long ago (eeeek), but what i mean is i took senior pictures for people!
i've always loved and had a passion for photography, taking, editing, and developing(back in the day when digital was barely around!). my favorite classes in all my high school history were photography, advanced photography, and photojournalism!!
mainly because i love photos and also because i loved the teacher, students and goofing off all the time some of the time.
i've always been the family photographer, and in recent years have taken friends maternity and newborn pictures.
last summer my dear friend and photographer Hannah Badeer asked me to be her second shooter for a wedding and it was wonderful.
to be taking pictures again.
so now, we are a team. and by team i mean she runs the show :)
she is amazing and i can only hope to learn some of what she knows!!
since i have been helping her i have been getting more and more confident and it feels pretty good!! i've wanted to pursue photography (again) for some time but i am not good at "selling myself" so i have just left it alone.
recently a friend of mine asked if i would take her sister's senior pictures.
of course i said yes duh!!
and just the other night i had the honor of spending some time with Michaela (shes super sweet and as you can see super cute as well). here are some of the images from our short and simple shoot.
so thankful to be doing this again. with hannah and on my own.
God is good!!
and this is so much fun.

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