Saturday, May 11, 2013

mother's day grandma style

eleanor and i made these for all of her grandmas for mothers day!

i found the idea on pinterest.
of course.
but there were no directions on the link. so we figured it out as we went.
  it wasn't hard.
   paint a pot, stamp a foot, draw a butterfly body

let me tell you
the child's feet that were in the picture i saw had to have been much bigger than eleanor's.
her little feet were not easy to get on the pots, thats why none of the feet match.
oh well, it's the thought that counts right?!

she was such a good helper!
       look at her grabbing her toes, thats her new favorite thing to do!

i couldn't get her toes to show up for the life of me, so we stamped her feet and used her finger for the little toes and thumb for the big toe!!
we might try again next year and see how they turn out!
now that i think about it i should have made myself one. 
dang it. 
i also should have waited until she was sleeping to stamp her foot so i could have put it where i wanted and had a little more control. 
but it was fun, and i think the grandmas will be happy with them!

oh, i also sprayed the finished product with clear spray paint so they can put the pots outside if they want! and i hope it will help those little footprints last a bit longer!!

i am making myself one tomorrow.
happy mothers day to me!!

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  1. They're awesome! I'm glad to see you made them.