Thursday, June 13, 2013

six months.

my sweet sweet girl was 6 months on june 6th.
i can't believe it. she's so big and strong and beautiful.
i still don't know how ev and i got such a stunning daughter. but we did!

also, let me just say sorry for sooo many pictures. but i couldn't help it. there were way too many good photos not to share.

so here are some of the images from her 6 month shoot!!
i am so in love…

i just want to eat those cheeks.

 i mean, seriously.

evan hates that poof. but i got it just for this picture and i love it! 

 look at her eyes. we're in trouble.

 so much trouble.

 she still loves her thumb :)

we just thank God for her, everyday. 6 months have flown by. 
but at the same time i can barely remember life before her.

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