Monday, June 17, 2013

well….i'm crazy.

we got a new puppy.
2 weeks ago.
she's from the pound and she is just the sweetest.

she belongs to evan.
he is smitten.
we went to the humane society, just to look and he fell for her right away.
we met her, gertrude met her and evan wanted her.
we went home to think about it…. and i did. a lot.
and the next day when evan came home from work i told him what i decided….
didn't want her. i didn't want another dog. i liked our routine. i liked that i could leave eleanor on the floor and know gertrude wouldn't bother her. i liked that a walk with a baby stroller and ONE dog was manageable. and i like that the dog we already have i can trust.
and evan was heartbroken when i explained this to him. but being the amazing husband he is he said ok.
later i asked him to tell me why he wanted her. out of all the dogs why this one.
he said
"she is THE dog for me"

as soon as he said that i knew it didn't matter what i wanted anymore.
so we got her. and he was right. she's great. she fits right in and most of the time she behaves better than gertrude. she loves eleanor.
she's the most loving dog ever. she just wants to be next to you, or gertrude. they play and are so sweet.
evan was right and she is THE dog for our family.
so now we have 2 dogs 6 chickens and a baby.
i am crazy.
but evan is happy.
and gertrude is happy
and so am i.

here she is.
sweet 9 month old gretchen

and we love her.

and her awesome collar :)

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  1. She is a sweetheart. I am so glad I have had a chance to meet her and love all the kisses she has given Grandma