Monday, February 11, 2013

good bye chemicals……maybe

i have wood floors in my house. real 1940 original wood floors. our entire first floor is wood, bathroom excluded.
i love them.
but not cleaning them.
because they are wood wood and not laminate i have to be careful what i use on them.
until today i had used bona. and loved it.
but in trying to rid my house of chemicals i'm going the natural route.
and in trying to save money i used things i already had on hand.
vegetable oil
water and vinegar to clean(just a little bit of vinegar in water) and vinegar and vegetable oil(half and half) to polish.
it worked really well! i might just do it again sometime!

cons. need to play with the amounts of oil and vinegar. not as easy to use as bona, leaves the floor kind of oily (duh) shinny but oily.

pros. cheap, clean, natural, shiny, soft hands

hold up.
so this is what i wrote yesterday after cleaning my floors….. now, the day after, i change my mind.
i do not like this and will not do it again.
this is why.
my floors are oily, greasy.  not nice. i cant go barefoot.
and my house smells. like vegetable oil.
which i didn't realize had a smell until i put it all over my floors!
i have gone over my floors with dry rag 3 times since yesterday afternoon trying to get this crap off.
i don't know what i thought would happen putting oil on my floors. but i guess oily floors didn't cross my mind. or i thought it would soak in and just be shiny.
guess this is how you learn things.
at least this fail wasn't because of pinterest!

after doing more research i also have mixed feelings about putting oil like that on my wood floors. although i read don't use vinegar or oil then the next article i read said do so who really knows.
all i do know is i've got to find another chemical free way to make my floors shine.

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  1. Your blog is so cute! Have you tried just water and vinegar?