Wednesday, February 27, 2013

i love my mom

my mom just left. she went back to arkansas today and i almost cried. she was here for a week and a half and that wasn't long enough.
she's great. while she was here we made all kinds of things(i'll show you later), and she cooked dinner almost every night, she watched eleanor so evan and i could go on a date, and my kitchen was always clean.
i love my mom.
my mom and i have always been close. and the older i get the closer we get. we talk everyday.

but having a baby changed our relationship. 
before eleanor was born i wasn't exactly the sweetest daughter around, basically…

i was a brat.
i loved her. and told her, but got upset with her a lot... 
and i was a brat.
i always thought whatever reason i had to get mad at her was valid. but it wasn't... 
and i was a brat.
now that i have a daughter, and i love her more than i ever knew i could love, i know how much my mom loves me.
and i was wrong. so wrong for being a brat.
i've told her all of this. apologized for everything i ever did. told her how wrong i was and how my heart would/will break when/if eleanor acts that way to me.
but i just wanted everyone else to know how wonderful she is and how much i love her and how amazing it is to finally know how much she loves me. no matter how many times i was/will be a brat!

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