Monday, February 4, 2013

Pinterest Liars.

I am too trusting.
Anything I see on pinterest I believe is true, or why would someone have pinned it right? WRONG. I could have an entire blog about things I’ve tried from pinterest and their failures. Recently I am on a DIY and natural kick. So I have tried a bunch of different projects to get our home more natural, no chemical cleaners and soaps and things like that. Well maybe I should do more research or just actual research and not just pin something.
Dang it.
So far in the last week my 2 failures have only affected me so that’s good I guess, but when I get ready while my newborn is sleeping I don’t really have time for these things to go wrong.
Bust #1.
DIY deep conditioner, made with Mayo yogurt and an egg white. Crap. Not only did it leave my hair NOT conditioned, it was greasy. So I had to wash and dry it all over again. That may not seem like a big deal to some but to this momma it is!! I rarely dry my hair as it is but was so excited about this new natural deep conditioner I wanted to see how pretty and shiny and soft my new tresses would be so I blew it dry. Then realized it looked dirty. So I RE washed it with normal shampoo and conditioner and blew it dry again because I kind of had my heart set on straight hair for a day. Lets just say my straight clean (washed twice) hair was my big task of the day :(

Bust #2 was just this morning and in the same category. Maybe I should just stay away from DIY hair care. I made my own shampoo yesterday, with coconut milk, dr. bronners soap, olive oil, (only a tiny bit so I thought it would be ok) and essential oil (for smell) I was so excited I threw out our old shampoo.
I found this recipe on pinterest, but I went to the blog and she loved it and said it worked so well so, what could go wrong, right?
Well my hair is greasy.
And now I have a baby who is about to wake up and hair that despite just being washed looks like I haven’t had a shower in a week. This time I’m not re washing it. Well just my bangs. The rest can go in a ponytail and I will deal with it tomorrow.
The sad thing is I knew, while I was still in the shower, that this wasn’t going to turn out. I could tell my hair was going to be a greasy mess. But this girl jumped the gun and threw the shampoo that actually works away so I didn’t have any other shampoo to fix the problem in the shower.
at least my dirty clean hair smells good.
I feel like this shampoo could work so maybe I just need to mess with the recipe myself and not believe everything everyone else says, or pins.
Pinterest is full of liars.
Full of them.

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