Friday, February 15, 2013

something that works

since i've posted so many things i've tried that don't work i thought i'd share something i make that does!!

baby wipes
i've been making these since e was born.
they. are. amazing.
and so much cheaper than buying wipes
-maybe not cheaper than all wipes(i haven't done much pricing) but if i buy wipes i buy pampers sensitive because thats what they gave us at the hospital and i don't want to risk eleanor reacting to anything else(… i know, first time mom). and i get them at target, so this ends up being cheaper than that!
i also love that i know every single ingredient and i love that i make them. i think anything homemade is better!

you need
paper towels  (i use viva paper towels, they're my favorite and super soft!)
baby shampoo
baby oil, or coconut oil (i like baby better)
tea tree oil
and other essential oil for smell if you want

thats all.
oh and a container to put them in, i bought mine at target, it fits 1/2 of a roll.

when i first started making these i cut the roll of paper towels in half. but i had problems with mold, because it took us forever to go through the entire half roll.
so now i cut the roll in thirds and it works much better!!

in your container mix
1 to 2 tbl baby oil
2 tbl baby shampoo
3 drops tea tree oil

(tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, helps with mildew, and is strong so be sure and count the drops!)
1.5 to 2 cups water

and a few drops essential oils if you want

stir together and add paper towel roll.
turn over and let sit 30 min.
pull out the cardboard in the center of the roll when it is completely wet and it will just come right out.

when i cut the roll in thirds i didn't have any trouble with mildew but i also don't put the lid on the all the way so they can get a little air.
i love them so much.
this time i used lavender oil and they smell so good!

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