Monday, March 11, 2013

baby girl problems

this is how i spent my saturday night.
i made this awesome bow holder for eleanor!! i've wanted to make this for a while but was just able to get all of the supplies yesterday while e and ev took a nap!!
i also got a pedi with lyn and her mom!! and loved it….
i've decided time out of the house alone is pretty great when you're a mom.

i bought this frame at hobby lobby for 15$
all of their open frames are 50% off right now!

this sheet metal is from lowes. i had to buy a giant square(like 2x4) for 24$ so i guess i'll be finding more uses for it :)

i laid the metal on top of the frame and used a permeant marker to trace the size i needed.
now that i think about it i' bet i could have just measured out 11x14, and not traced anything, but that would have been easier so of course i didn't do it that way.
then i used wire cutters to cut it down ….. 

i'm sure something else would have been easier, but i had these around and evan wasn't home to help so i made due.

i hot glued the metal to the frame and covered the ugly edge with ribbon. (even though its on the back, i just wanted it to looked "finished"
then i started putting e's hair clips on. 

...the problem is i went to hobby lobby for the frame and left with 4 more flowers for her hair. 
i can't help it!

so now this lovely thing is hanging on the wall in her room!!

but i better be careful or i will have to make another for all of the hair things i have yet to buy, seeing as how she is only 3 months old and this is her stash so far :)

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