Saturday, March 9, 2013

take that pinterest

while my mom was here we made so many things. i will share them with you now soon.
but first i wanted to show you what i made
and and thought up on my own, no help from pinterest!

the blanket. well i made the baby too but not on my own :)
this is our nakie baby blanket.  i feel like eleanor needs to air out every now and then since she's in diapers every second... plus look how cute her bare bottom is!

so i had the bright idea to make a waterproof blanket so if she goes to the bathroom while being naked i don't have a mess to clean up. just throw in the wash and were good to go!

its just 2 pieces of fabric.
this (which is just cotton fabric with a waterproof core) and the cute pink flannel.
i got a yard of each, sewed them together.
and done.
thanks to this blanket nakie baby time is now part of our bedtime routine.

i love it, and so does eleanor!

so take that pinterest, i can still come up with things on my own!!

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