Saturday, March 23, 2013

so this is us now

we have chickens.

6 of them.
we were only going to get 2 but we had some trouble with where we were getting them and how many they would let you get so we came home with 6.
i love them all. so far we have

she's a very curious brave little chick

(thanks for the name maggie)
she's the littlest cutest baby(and my favorite) with the best name!


shes pretty, proper and while all the other chicks feathers are a mess martha doesn't have one out of place.

and then there are these 2 no names.
poor babies, we just haven't found a name that fits them yet.

evan built repurposed this awesome brooding box for the babies. he used an old dresser we had in the garage. i was going to paint it and make it pretty but that never happened so now the chicks have a very fancy home.
he even put some boards in there for the little girls to climb on!
henrietta likes to jump and is trying to fly already so we used an old window screen to put on top! 

they love it in there!!

every animal in our house is spoiled. i don't know why or how it even happens but it does.
and they are.

look at gertrude meeting penelopeep….. she's not too sure about these birds yet.
i'm sure they will love each other very soon.

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