Sunday, March 10, 2013

what i made with mom

ok, here is is. everything my mom and i made while she was here…


a super cute rag blanket for eleanor to play on.
it was pretty easy and great sewing practice for me! i did it all by myself, my mom didn't help at all, which is a big freaking deal!!!
i was and am proud of myself for this one!!

we used this tutorial.
but didn't bind the edges…. we cut them like the rest of the blanket because i liked it better it was easier!

and this:

a wet bag for our cloth diapers. this was my first time sewing in a zipper and it turned out ok!
its for sure not the easiest thing to sew but getting better!
i also made a million burp rags, and by million i mean 4.
but i did make one to match this bag

not too shabby if i do say so myself!!
we just found out a few of our friends are having babies and i hope they're ready to get burp rags from me!! i love making them!!

then theres this:
a big wet bag that hangs in eleanors room, we but the dirty diapers in here. 
but since its out in the open i wanted it to be cute. 
my mom did most of this one, i sewed up the bottom and put the handles on.
who knows how long it would have taken me and she whipped it out in 10 min.
she's amazing like that!

so there you go. everything we did while she was here. well everything other than love her granddaughter every second!

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  1. Did you use cotton or flannel for your blanket? Thanks :)