Wednesday, March 27, 2013

eleanor goes to arkansas...

so were going to arkansas for easter! we are pretty excited. evan and i cant wait to get away for a bit.
we have never traveled with a baby so this should be interesting.
its 9 hours from lincoln to conway.
were leaving at 4pm tomorrow and hopefully driving the entire way. if we need to stop we have friends family in rogers we can stay with.
thank God.

i dont know how eleanor is going to do in her car seat for that long.
this is how i hope the trip goes...

we stop once in kansas city for her to eat. then she sleeps the rest of the way.

and this is how it could end up

am i in trouble??

the other thing about traveling with a baby is all of the crap stuff you have to bring.
i mean theres a bathtub, rocker chair, pack n play, stroller, diapers&diaper detergent(i refuse to spend the money on disposables)….
ahhh, so much extra stuff

were also bringing gertrude too.
of course we are
how could we not?

i will let everyone know how it goes
and if i cry.

do you have any tips for spending 9 hours (each way) in a car with a  3  almost 4 month old??
now i'm scared.

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